Hi Tech is the leader in quality car care products for the professional.

We have the most comprehensive offering of innovative Professional Car Care Product accessories and specialty aerosols in the industry. We have an extremely competitive pricing structure. And…we offer unmatched quality on our over 500 premium products. Essentially, we believe we offer the most value to our distributors and end-users in the industry. With 70+ years of experience, we hope to get an opportunity to prove this to you!

Hi-Tech currently has distribution established in 30+ countries across Europe, Latin and South America and Asia!  Whether you are a shop looking for a distributor, or an importer looking to establish distribution in your marketplace, we are looking for you too!

We have onsite private label capabilities for many of our products, including aerosols, buffing pads and wash mitts…Just to name a couple.  Additionally, we have a number of “Quick Turn” selections that are competitively priced and typically have only a one-week lead time for reorders.

Leaders in Auto Care

hti-manufacturingThe automotive reconditioning market is always evolving.  New water-borne paint technologies, recycled fiber interiors and carpets, State and Federal Environmental regulatory changes…. These are just a couple of examples of major changes to our industry in just the past 10 years. In order for us to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, we must always be searching for new product solutions.  With our end-users always in-mind, we are diligently searching for the latest ways to make their job safer, easier and more efficient.  For 70 years our company has been on the front-end of game-changing technology in our industry.  This is our “Relentless Pursuit of Detail Perfection”.

We have customers in the Janitorial industry, Marine, Food Service, Industrial and many many more professional industries.  Anywhere there is something dirty….There is a Hi-Tech product to make it look like new!  If you are in the market for anything from aerosol glass cleaners and microfiber towels to mops and brooms, we have a solution for you.

Made In The USA

made-in-the-usaWe at Hi-Tech are always searching for product and process solutions that can be manufactured and /or assembled in the USA.  We are a Family-Owned, Detroit-based institution and we understand that “Buying Local” is an important feature for many folks.  Due to the competitive nature of our industry, of course, we have to globally source many of our products and components, but this does not automatically mean that quality is sacrificed.  If a product is not to our exact specification, it does not make it to the marketplace.


Our Mission Statement:

Hi-Tech is dedicated to supplying the global professional car care industry with a comprehensive array of premium products, timely service and innovative solutions. Hi-Tech Industries is committed to the discriminating product needs of the professional detailer, car wash or valeter worldwide. This commitment is reflected in our products, pricing, service and relationships with our distributors.

We have spent the past 70 years refining our craft, to ensure our customers’ needs are effectively met by the features of our products and programs. Our extensive array of products are used daily worldwide in car washes, car dealerships, body shops, auto auctions and anywhere else a professional reconditioning process is taking place.